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John and New Cohost share their views and opinions while trying to solve the problems of a nation. In the process, there is a probability for adult language and hearing words that may send you to your safe space

Aug 23, 2020

John finally got his lazy ass behind the mic again, and it took bombing on a Royal Rumble podcast and a chance meeting with Bob to get things moving.

With all the canceling and boycotting going on, Bob came up with a list of companies that are dumping money at the feet of the Black Lives Matter Organization. John tried to boycott Dunkin Donuts, and it lasted a day.

  • Toxic Femininity - Uppity Woke White Women
    • They are trying to end racism, segregation, and fascism by segregating the country and using fascist tactics to separate people by race.
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    • Will it be a COVID 19 super spreader event or a super spreader of Chlamydia as usual?
  • Is Ellen a mean boss? 

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