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John and New Cohost share their views and opinions while trying to solve the problems of a nation. In the process, there is a probability for adult language and hearing words that may send you to your safe space

Mar 30, 2021

John gets his 2nd jab and is suffering from brain fog. Jay Leno bends a knee to the woke mob, Sesame Street gets 2 new black muppets. Climate change is making dicks smaller.

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Mar 20, 2021

John identifies as Super Straight and believes it’s not hate. Hide your sex doll if Bob is watching your house. Florida man rapes Olaf in Target. Democrats want you to know, “Help is on the Way!”

Mar 15, 2021

Transgenders are fleeing Alabama, (Roll Tide) Two guys on YouTube play dildo or dick? Meghan Markle becomes a Royal pain, Billionaire Boomer Bob goes broke at Breakfast, and President Biden finally answers questions

Mar 6, 2021

John gets his 1st covid jab. The Vegan Teacher gets in trouble for missing the mark on racism. This leads to a new meaning for the word “Bigger.”