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John and Bob share their views and opinions while trying to solve the problems of a nation. In the process, there is a probability for adult language and hearing words that may send you to your safe space

May 8, 2021

Bob and I have started a new podcast called Rubberneckers. This is our first episode. We hope you follow and give us a try. You can find us at

May 2, 2021

Is it fraud to date 35 women for presents? Bob tells John about a national story just outside of his hometown. BLM is a Ponzi Scheme?

Apr 20, 2021

John and Bob have an issue with you people. Paige Spiranac fires back at the outrage twitter mob. And we play Two Lies and a Truth.

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Apr 9, 2021

Drive-thru workers need body armor. MLB moves All-Star Game because of racism to a much whiter town. John & Bob plan a special taco eating contest. Biden fills border wall “gaps.” And two of our stories are fake. Can you guess which two?

Apr 6, 2021

Bob wanted a Mulligan so this is our second attempt at recording this episode. Does America have to suffer for 4 whole years if we make a mistake electing a President? Big Tech is getting too big for their britches? And Jill Biden needs Spanish lessons

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