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John and New Cohost share their views and opinions while trying to solve the problems of a nation. In the process, there is a probability for adult language and hearing words that may send you to your safe space

Dec 31, 2020

John and Bob talk about the holidays and how the “Woke” is ruining Christmas. A Covid-19 study gets a Doctor suspended from Twitter. A motorhome exploded in Nashville, or did it? Trump throws a monkey wrench in the Covid relief stimulus. What if the US started the Military Draft?

Dec 19, 2020

John thinks journalists are lazy. They sit on Twitter and wait for a controversial tweet and write a story. Is that really journalism? This week Elon Musk and Tropicana Orange Juice caught Twitter heat. How to have a Covid safe orgy, spoiler alert, rim jobs are off the menu. Howard Stern’s jealous former...

Dec 14, 2020

What is the world coming to when little Johnny can’t get a nerf gun from Santa? Has Santa come down with wokeness? Also, what should Trump do if he loses the Presidential election? John has an idea. Howard Stern signs a new multi-million deal with Sirius, is he stealing money? A Kazakhstani bodybuilder marries a sex...

Dec 4, 2020

John and Bob are back. John had to take an extended leave of absence. With everything that has happened since the last episode, there is a lot to talk about. The election, Agenda 2030, and the Rona virus is still a thing.

Is the US Government using the virus to lock it’s citizens down and control them? We have some...

Oct 14, 2020

Women want to be treated equally to men until they are. Then they scream misogyny! John votes for the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. The Legislature in California has lost its mind. They want you to keep your mask on between bites. Joe Biden is still demented. 

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